AVD Facts

Who We Are
AVD Communication is a Marketing and Brand consultancy helping for profit and non-profit organizations build
long term, sustainable, authentic and mutually profitable relations with Latino cultures in the US and Latin America.

Our Vision
We see a world where brands are culturally sensitive and consumers are empowered so, together, they can grow
and forge a positive and sustainable social environment.

What We Do
We help organizations embrace technology and innovation, create culturally relevant brands, products and services and
promote cultural changes that meet the realities of the 21st century and the aspirational nature of the Latino population.

How We Do It
We leverage our holistic marketing approach with our expertise, knowledge and familiarity of the Latino culture to make
brands culturally and socially relevant to all Latino segments across the U.S. and LATAM. And we do it with passion.

Our Expertise
Our deep marketing and branding experience, coupled with our familiarity, understanding and profound knowledge of the
Latino culture, values and beliefs, makes us qualified to help brands and organizations create mutually sustainable and profitable
relationships with the Latino world.

Our Projects
Marketing and brand architecture for a non-profit organization.
Branding and educational service to students in Latin America.
Building a marketing and branding architecture for a healthcare company.
Developing brand recognition and market penetration in LATAM for an omega-3 company.
Developed a global brand for a multinational pharmaceutical company.
Developed and managed the marketing architecture for a global apparel brand.
Developed a national brand for the second biggest healthcare social program in the U.S.

Florida Lions Eye Bank @ Bascom Palmer Eye Institute
Beps BioPharma - Omega-3
CropPharms LLC
Stuttgart International
Chesnutt Hills Science